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out this write-up. though appearance may sometimes take a backseat to price and construction quality. Yamuna and other rivers all are covered with a thick layer ofpolythene material. Degradation of polyethne is a great challenge as thematerials are increasingly used Ignorance of the people who don’t careabout the effects of proper waste disposal and who may not know about Sale Fendi Bags theeffects of improper waste disposal They therefore dump the polythene bagscarelessly Emphasis should be put on the use of paper bags This is becausethe paperbags are also light and they can easily decompose Globalizationhas added to this problem in a big way Electronic gadgets all are designedwith a view to use and throw because the repairs are costly In USA andother western countries Garbage disposal problem has reached a horrifyinglevel But they have developed a meticulous system of garbage disposal withperiodical review In India we have to prepare ourselves for this giganticonslaught of pollution Enough is enough We need to be disciplined and wemust cultivate civic sense to save India from this disaster In order to fightthe menace of Polythene pollution the Local Self Government institutions have come up with laws restricting the use of polythene But the menace ofpolythene continues unabated In fact it is no use thrusting such laws whichare not practical But they do not face Discount Hermes Bags such problems as we face in IndiaThere are strict laws for the disposal of the polythene bags The polytheneafter use is dumped at the


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